Monday, April 21, 2008

Worship Wars

I haven't forgotten the item about worship and music and such.

This recent comment from Plain Truth Ministries emphasizes how divisive and hurtful an issue this has become:

Worship wars
This is a serious issue with my family. My husband no longer goes to church because of the repetitive modern music. My children go because they do not have a choice but it is effecting them. I have heard, "Why should I be made to go to church when dad doesn't go?" It doesn't help that two of my children are musicians and my husband knows music. It didn't help when my daughter offered to play with the worship team, and was told she couldn't because she reads music and they "wing" it. I think the director should come to one of the high school's jazz concerts. My daughter will be doing ad-lib.

We always arrive late to miss the worship portion of the service. I have been asked why we always come late. I was told by the elder asking that he didn't care for the music either -- but that we need to worship God. Does God want you to fake worshiping him with music that grates on you?? I will always believe it should be heartfelt. My husband likes the meat of the sermons but notes that when we arrive late and everyone seems to be in a trance, still singing the same line for minutes on end, he just does not want to return.


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