Sunday, April 27, 2008

Those whom I love I rebuke...

"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees...

These words of Christ echo across two thousand years. This was the pivotal confrontation that sealed his fate. After this denunciation of the religious powers of Jerusalem, there is no way he will be allowed to leave town alive.

This portrayal by actor Bruce Marchiano, is truly inspired. For just as a loving parent might plead and confront a wayward child who is bent upon his own destruction, Marchiano reveals a Jesus crying out from a broken heart to the very people who claim to represent God. Yet their hearts are so far from this one True God. And in his never-ending compassion, that God rebukes them and confronts them with righteous indignation and love. Yes, love.

For this is the God who claims to be Love. Who commands "Love your enemies..." Therefore, how could He himself act out of any other motive but love? And still they once again turn their backs and walk away! How heart breaking:

So, here is Bruce Marchiano's amazing rendition of these passages:
(Unhappily this critical speech is cut over two segments, so please view the second immediately after the first. Also the sound is a little off. These excerpts are from "The Gospel According to Matthew" as produced by The Visual Bible.)

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