Sunday, October 19, 2008

Circular Reasoning, or Evidence?

When I explore the universe I find that all the heavenly bodies are shaped into orbs or massive spirals. I've yet to see a planet or galaxy shaped like a cube. So I conclude that there are forces inherent to our universe that favor certain shapes over others. I may not completely understand all these forces - apparently no one does - not even Stephen Hawking. But I believe that these forces can be studied and understood to the limits imposed by my finite mind.

Similarly, I observe how the world is, and how we humans are. I've found no better explanation for all this than that expressed by Jesus (whom I believe to be the Christ/Messiah). Again, I believe that God Is but I can never fully understand this - apparently no one on this side of eternity can. After all how could the Eternal be fully contained within the Finite?

Even so, I can know much about God's nature and character within my finite human limits through the life and teaching and character of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament. For Jesus also claimed (and produced evidence to support this claim) to be a fully divine expression of God as well. My mind reels at this, accepting without fully understanding -- just as it does with gravity, electromagnetic force and molecular attraction.

I don't consider my belief system as finished, but rather as a good start to learning more by the actual day-to-day living out of these beliefs. That in itself is a life-long challenge - to live in complete harmony with my avowed beliefs.

I've been accused of circular reasoning in some of my expressions of this belief, but I'm convinced that I'm sincerely following the evidence as I've seen and experienced it.

Am I right? Time will tell.

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