Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Are Christians too dependant on church?

In 2003, Willow Creek Pastor, Bill Hybels, commissioned a 3-year survey on spiritual growth for their 20,000 member church and thirty others. The results are now in.
  1. "The church and its myriad of programs have taken on too much of the responsibility for people's spiritual growth."
  2. "The church is most important in the early stages of spiritual growth. Its role then shifts from being the primary influence to a secondary influence."
  3. "The church is extremely important in the early stages of [spiritual development], but its main activities-like weekend services and small groups-decline in importance as people [grow closer to Christ]."
  4. "We have created an unhealthy dependence and inappropriate levels of expectation."
  5. "[Christians] need to look beyond the church to grow.Our people need to learn to feed themselves through personal spiritual practices that allow them to deepen their relationship with Christ."
Just how important do you feel that church should be in a person's spiritual life?

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