Saturday, July 16, 2011

Repentance comes in stages and when least expected...

That word "repentance" doesn't mean to merely be sorry for what we've done.  Rather, it refers to a lifelong process of turning away from previous choices and beliefs and ideas towards a new way of living that we have come to believe is truer and better. A holy way if you will.  

That word "holy" also carries many misapprehensions. 

Holy is not intended to convey a snobbish, I'm-better-than-you attitude or spirit that expresses itself in aloofness, or apartness.  Rather it means to understand that there is actually a completeness, a fullness, a totally-of-existance for us all.  (imagine it being spelt as "whole-ly") .  We humans are just not there yet. But it is our destiny, because it is the state of our creator and that is where we are headed - eventually.

And the journey comprises one small step of recognition, awareness and change at a time - repentance.  To - re-path our lives into a new direction. Towards a goal.

I was innocently listening to a song by Steve Bell, many years ago, when suddenly I saw my own contributions to the sorrows and pains of the world all around me.  My self-centredness, my greedy choices that reflected an interest in my pleasure alone, had hurt many of my closest family and friends and this was just a microcosm of the sorrow, turmoil and pains extant across every nation, the entire world.

The realization came like a wave and I was soon laying face-down on the floor sobbing, as this song played over and over in my headset.

I had no idea of what exactly was going on, but later I came to realize it as a wave of repentance. Odd, awesome and embarrassing all at the same time.

Here are the song lyrics and I've tried to load the actual song to youtube:

You are to Be Holy  – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell
adapted from Isaiah 1 / Leviticus 20: 26
Hear, Oh heavens
Listen, Oh earth
The Lord has spoken
And given birth
I reared my children and brought them up
But they have rejected the Holy One
Even the ox knows his master’s voice
The owner’s manger a donkey knows
But you my people don’t understand
A sinful nation has turned their backs
You are to be holy
For I am holy
Come to me only
For you are my own
You are to be holy
For I am holy
Come to me only
For you are my own
My own
Your country is desolate
And your cities burned
Your fields are stripped by the foreigner
And right before you laid waste as when
When overthrown by a stranger’s hand
So take your evil from my sight
Stop your wrong and learn what’s right
Seek out justice for the oppressed
The widow’s cause and the fatherless

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London Mabel said...

I hope it was at least a carpeted floor. Because God is a merciful God too. :-) Bringing carpeting to absorb your tears.