Thursday, December 2, 2010

For Good

As I read this passage today: 

"For God has imprisoned everyone in disobedience so he could have mercy on everyone." Romans 11:32

I was reminded that everything God does is salvific. He never gives up on us. Everything he does is intended to win our hearts and minds to (eventually) love and follow him. This is so different from our human nature that sometimes I need to be reminded. When I read a passage that says God punishes disobedience, etc., I tend to envision something harsh or angry going on because that's my human experience. But with God this is not so.

Whenever God corrects or disciplines us, it is always for our good and it is applied with love, gentleness and patience. (i.e. ... Love is patient, love is kind...etc.)


DeAnn said...

This verse has never "stood alone" or "jumped out at me" before ... I'm going to go look at this in a minute.

I can tell you , from my own experiences, patient/kind/loving discipline/guidance is a lot more meaningful to sit through. We always dreaded the self inspection that resulted from being in trouble with Daddy ... while my Moms more hands on methods usually resulted in a "just hurry up and get it over with so I can get back to what I was doing (wrong) attitude,ie no repentance,no growth. It strikes me that your recent musings are thematic ... the post I came back in to look at again being your most current ... why go back to the OT? Part of the answer must be that because it lends itself to a rule based, eye for an eye ... legalistic ... interpretation we (christians) may be able to find some wiggle room to rationalize in. Back to the finger pointing "them" rather then the truth that we're all in the very same boat ... in desparate need grace. There is room to blame there ... I can stay a baby there. Hmmm ... sorry to be so long winded!

gmc said...

Hi DeAnn. Thanks for taking time to comment - always appreciated as I like to wrestle with ideas and it helps to see the angles other people bring to a topic.

I identify with your point about how we usually receive (and give) "discipline." I often think that much of God's "punishment" for behaviours he doesn't care for are actually the built-in results that we reap from such behaviour. After all, he designed the universe. So subtle - if we'll just learn from our experiences.

I also think you are right on with your reasoning about why we like to dip back into the OT.

Thanks again,

London Mabel said...

God is salvific, but is he salveriffic??

[The word verification here is "restri." Which I assume is the plural of restroom? Restaurant?]