Monday, August 9, 2010

Where God Lives - Loving Relationships

My daughter recently had two of her old furry friends pass on.  She posted this reflection:

missing oldy cats
The first full day we had Minion, I really missed Nombly and Sherry. I became conscious of going from my two old boys, to suddenly having two young girls. And then last night I dreamed about Sherry. Sigh. Little Bones, little Nombs.

I posted this comment which I wanted to echo here:

This is to me the ultimate tradgey in death - the broken relationships.  One measure of a person's place in the world (human or animal) is how deep and aware are its relationships and therfore how much it will be missed after death.

And, if I might be permitted a theological insight from my own faith - I believe this is why God says he exists within love-based relationships (i.e. where two or more are gathered in my name there I am... And the Triune relational nature of God as revealed in the NT, etc...)

It's definitely a mystical thing going on.

Lovely kitties ... much missed. sniff ...

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DeAnn said...

oh - where two or more are gathered in my name ... I totally hadn't thought of it in that context and I like it. I'll be thinking about that. It hasn't been my experience that "church" is always a loving relationship. I guess I see relationships as more of a refining senario - something that matters enough to grow towards who God had in mind when He thought of me. Aren't ideas interesting? condolences on the kitties.